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UNC (Chapel Hill) Resume Book

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Member100231729 FAYETTEVILLE, NC The Resume Book, New Graduate, UNC (Chapel Hill), Class of 2010
Member100172916 MIAMI, FL The Resume Book, Finance, Financial Planning, UNC (Chapel Hill)
Member100125103 CHARLOTTE, NC The Resume Book, New Graduate, UNC (Chapel Hill)
Member10065669 CLEVELAND, OH The Resume Book, Program Management, UNC (Chapel Hill), IT Project Management, Project Management
Member10014095 WINSTON SALEM, NC The Resume Book, UNC (Chapel Hill), General Management, Project Management, Strategy Consulting
Member10013893 N/A The Resume Book, MBA, Finance, UNC (Chapel Hill), NYU
Member1007273 GREENSBORO, NC The Resume Book, Merchandising, General Management, Product Management, Director Level
Member1007182 CHAPEL HILL, NC The Resume Book, Consulting, UNC (Chapel Hill), Market Research, Business Development
Member100271670 PHILADELPHIA, PA The Resume Book, Consulting, UNC (Chapel Hill)
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