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Member10092152 IRVINE, CA The Resume Book, Consulting, UC Irvine, Strategy, Cornell
Member100109710 BALTIMORE, MD The Resume Book, Wealth Management, Cornell, Strategic Planning, Tax Law
Member100116789 WESTBURY, NY The Resume Book, Sciences, Finance, Risk Management, Cornell
Member10051915 ATLANTA, GA The Resume Book, Program Management, Cornell, Construction, Real Estate
Member100161383 PAINTED POST, NY The Resume Book, Human Resources, Cornell
Member100166385 N/A The Resume Book, Executive, Cornell, VP Level
Member100168070 RYE, NY The Resume Book, Product Management, Notre Dame, Cornell, Project Management
Member100408525 NOVI, MI The Resume Book, VP Level , Director Level, Executive, Consulting
Member100519976 NEW YORK, NY The Resume Book, New Graduate, Finance, Cornell, Strategy Consulting
Member10085557 SAINT PAUL, MN The Resume Book, Finance, Cornell, Michigan (Ann Arbor)
Member10083823 WAUCONDA, IL The Resume Book, Strategy, Private Equity, Business Development, Chicago
Member10055194 N/A The Resume Book, Legal, Attorney, Employment Law, Cornell
Member1007059 N/A The Resume Book, MBA, Strategy, Strategic Planning, Investment Management
Member1006795 N/A The Resume Book, Finance, Cornell, Corporate Development, Investment Banking
Member10012136 ARLINGTON, VA The Resume Book, Consulting, Cornell
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