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Design Resume Book

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Member100552370 EVANSTON, IL Engineering, Construction, Design, Real Estate
Member100551571 MONTEREY, CA Marketing, Design, Retail, Sales, Hospitality
Member100551267 ROCKWOOD, MI Marketing, Design
Member100549132 PORTAGE, IN Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Design
Member100548892 N/A Marketing, Design, Merchandising, Product Management, Marketing Communications
Member100548394 CHICAGO, IL New Graduate, Semiconductor, Class of 2010, Design, Engineering
Member100548169 LOS ANGELES, CA Marketing, Texas A&M, Entertainment, Nonprofit, Engineering
Member100553045 CLEVELAND, OH Business Development, Design
Member100553097 WINTER SPRINGS, FL Design, Real Estate
Member100554477 GARDEN GROVE, CA New Graduate, Design
Member100554588 EAU CLAIRE, WI Marketing, Design, Operations
Member100556453 BROOKLYN, NY General Management, Design
Member100556614 HOUSTON, TX New Graduate, Design, Consulting
Member100392640 CHICAGO, IL The Resume Book, Marketing, Design
Member100307733 MEMPHIS, TN The Resume Book, Design
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