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Member10072470 N/A The Resume Book, LBO, Venture Capital, Investment Banking, Securities Analysis
Member100188437 N/A The Resume Book, Corporate Finance, Financial Services, MBA, LBO
Member100177793 OMAHA, NE The Resume Book, Private Equity, LBO
Member100164419 PLANO, TX The Resume Book, Finance, Corporate Development, Private Equity, Venture Capital
Member10047619 N/A The Resume Book, Private Equity, LBO, Credit Analysis
Member100116058 N/A The Resume Book, Finance, LBO, Investment Management
Member100111419 EFFINGHAM, IL The Resume Book, Finance, LBO
Member100107513 NOVI, MI The Resume Book, Finance, Investment Management, Private Equity, Securities Analysis
Member100228528 NEW YORK, NY The Resume Book, Finance, Hedge Fund, Private Equity, Strategic Planning
Member100318570 DOWNERS GROVE, IL The Resume Book, Corporate Development, LBO
Member100421790 LOS ANGELES, CA The Resume Book, Finance, Corporate Development, Strategic Planning, LBO
Member100596125 BRONX, NY Finance, Strategy Consulting, Event Planning, LBO, Investment Banking
Member100595880 WASHINGTON, DC Finance, Financial Control, Financial Planning, Hedge Fund, Investment Management
Member100586428 PLANO, TX Finance, LBO, Wealth Management, Venture Capital, Securities Analysis
Member100568470 NEW YORK, NY Finance, Class of 2010, Venture Capital, Securities Analysis, Real Estate Investment
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